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Project Description
Tool to Import/Export data to an Sqlite database using CSV, XML with a GUI written in C#


 I decided to develop this project cause I had trouble finding a free simple program that can load a huge amount of data into an SQLite database.

Status Update 2012-Apr
The basic features are there, only what I needed for now.
If you want to continue the project, you can do so, but since I did not receive any help by all
the developers who asked me to be part of the project which I accepted, I'm a bit discouraged of the community.

Any help, comment or suggestion would still be appreciated.

The needs
- Load multiple text file in csv format
- Display a simple user interface
- Configurable CSV options, table creation, table mapping, column creation, column mapping

- Open an SQLite database
- Load CSV file
- Cancelable progress dialog
- Basic import with no user interaction by creating table and column
- Multithreading (simple via background worker)

- Database browser
- Table and column mapping to destination
- XML import/Export
- Excel import/Export
- CSV Export
- CSV options
- Table options (Create, append, replace)

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